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Walk For Life at JCC


Would you like to walk with more ease and stand taller? Please join us for an interactive workshop that will gather data about how John Pepper's Conscious Walking approach and the Feldenkrais Method affect posture and gait for peoplel with PD.

John Pepper - featured in The Brain's Way of Healing by Dr Norman Doidge - will join two Feldenkrais Practitioners with extensive experience teaching peopel with Parkinson's. They will present specific movement lessons designed to bring a more upright posture, better balance, and easy coordination into your walk.

John Pepper together with Marg Bartosek and Sonja Johansson GCFP
Seattle University


Pepper will detail the development of his style of conscious movement combined with high-intensity conscious walking to significantly decrease his PD symptoms. Short 'Awareness Through Movement' lessonswill highlight motor patterns that address the varied and changing movment symptoms of PD. We especially encourage attendance by people with PD who are interested in improving their walking and other daily movements.This highly interactive session offers practitioners a broader understanding of PD, provides specific tools and techniques, and includes practice teaching in small groups to confidently and effectively assist people with PD.

FEE: People with PD $30
Accompanying care-partner $10
Marg Bartosek (PDT-time) 541.286.4678
Sonja Johansson (EDT-time) 646.283.4539
Feldenkrais Practitioners register HERE


Weekly classes in Central Park, both morning and evening classes availble. Nordic walking poles and audio receiver provided.
HYVANordicWalking.com for classes and online registration

MONDAY____1:15pm - 2:15pm __Feldenkrais Method (Awareness Through Movement)
_ 1:15pm - 2:15pm
_ Feldenkrais Method (Awareness Through Movement)

Equinox Fitness Club - 817 Lexington Ave (63rd st), New York 10065
Note: Class is available to members and their guests.

An innovative system of neuromuscular retraining that improves balance, coordination, range of motion, efficiency and performance. The Feldenkrais Method teaches you how to reconnect with your natural abilities to move, think, sense and feel.

TUESDAY 6:00pm - 7:00pm Bones for Life Class

251 Fifth Ave, 3rd Floor, New York (cnr 28th street)
Series of 6 lessons $100 (prepayment) $20 per class (drop in visit)

The evening class is designed for the newcomer to the program who wants to get in touch with a more efficient and effortless way of moving. In this class we clarify everyday movement patterns that sometimes cause pain and fatigue. Here you will learn the movement vocabulary of the Bones for Life program.

Note: Registration required as space is limited. To register contact Sonja: ph 646.283.4539 or Sonja@SonjaJohansson.com

WEDNESDAY 9:30am - 10:30am The Feldenkrais Method (Awareness Through Movement) series

The Jewish Community Center
334 Amsterdam Ave (76th St), New York

8 Classes: Nov 9, 2016 - Jan 11, 2016 (except 12/21 & 12/28)
$168 JCC Member/$200 Non-member

9 Classes: Jan 18- March 15, 2017
$185 JCC Member/$225 Non-member

Experience the physical and mental health benefits of improved posture and coordination from the inside out. Learn practical ways to increase your body awareness, directly improving your self image, mood and appearance. With improved coordination and posture you will conserve energy and restore vitality, no matter your age or condition.

To participate in class you must be able to get down to the floor, and comfortably lay on your back and side.

Taught by Sonja Johansson and Anastasi Siotas: Movement Specialists - Certified in The Feldenkrais Method and Bones for Life. Other Feldenkrais classes offered by Anastasi Siotas: click here
To register, please call (646) 505 5708 or online at www.jccmanhattan.org

THURSDAY 11:00am - 12:00pm
Feldenkrais Roller

251 Fifth Ave, 3rd Floor, New York (cnr 28th street)
Series of 6 lessons $100 (prepayment) $20 per class (drop in visit)

Feldenkrais Roller: Neuro-motor Retraining = Re-Organize. Organize your skeleton for skillful responsiveness. This class takes classic Awareness Through Movement lessons and places them on a foam roller. The roller multiplies your movements and sensations, delivering a unique quality of length and mind/body ease.

Note: Registration required as space is limited To register contact Sonja: ph 646.283.4539 or Sonja@SonjaJohansson.com

SATURDAY 1:45pm - 2:45pm Change Your Age

The Jewish Community Center
334 Amsterdam Ave (76th St), New York
Free to Members
$18 for JCC Pool and Community members
$25 for general public

The Change Your Age is a quicker paced Feldenkrais-based class that highlighted changing levels - sitting, laying, kneeling, crouching, standing and more. This movement-based program weaves in cognitive challenges that will help keep both your brain and your body youthful.  Experimenting with novel, unusual and functional movement generates new brain cells connections to develop agility, strength, and vitality as you age.

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