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The Feldenkrais Method®
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The Benefits of the Feldenkrais Method:

- improves postural alignment
- sharpens coordination and agility
- refines balance and heightens control
- increases joint flexibility and range-of-motion
- minimizes over-use injuries in sports and daily life
- speeds recovery from injury
- reduces pain and muscular tension
- reverses deterioration of function
- enhances attention and promotes clearer thinking
- promotes fuller, easier breathing
- heightens abilty to adapt to challenging circumstances
- builds movement efficiency to create power, grace and fluidity in performance

We improve our well being when we learn to fully use ourselves. Our intelligence depends upon the opportunities we take to experience and learn on our own. This self learning leads to full, dynamic living.

Ordinarily, we learn just enough to function. For example, we learn to use our hands well enough to eat, our legs well enough to walk. Our abilities to function with a greater range of ease and skill, however, remain to be developed. The Feldenkrais Method ® teaches -- through movement -- how we can improve our capabilities to function in our daily lives.

The Feldenkrais Method is named after its originator, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, D.Sc. (c.1904-1984), a Russian born physicist, judo expert, mechanical engineer and educator.

The Feldenkrais Method is a form of somatic education that uses gentle movement and directed attention to improve movement and enhance human functioning. Through this Method , you can increase your ease and range of motion, improve your flexibility and coordination, and rediscover your innate capacity for graceful, efficient movement. These improvements will often generalize to enhance functioning in other aspects of your life.

The Feldenkrais Method is expressed in two parallel forms: Awareness Through Movement® and Functional Integration®. Both forms are based on principles of physics, bio mechanics and an empirical understanding of learning and human development. By expanding the self-image through movement sequences that bring attention to the parts of the self that are out of awareness, the Method enables you to include more of yourself in your functioning movements. Students become more aware of their habitual neuromuscular patterns and rigidities and expand options for new ways of moving. By increasing sensitivity the Feldenkrais Method assists you to live your life more fully, efficiently and comfortably.

The improvement of physical functioning is not necessarily an end in itself. Such improvement is based on developing a broader functional awareness which is often a gateway to more generalized enhancement of physical functioning in the context of your environment and life.

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